Pressure Washing

Learned in North Carolina and now applied in Nosara! We employ our 4x4 trucks to reach your house however high it may be! Then use our powerful Honda and Stihl pressure washers combined with our expert pressure washing skills.

We clean and sanitize with high pressure and bleach to control & maintain your soft and hard surfaces and undesireables including:

We confront algae, bugs, fungus, mildew, mold, and rainy-season . Plus, we respectfully take care of your cloths/fabrics, family, flowers, fruits, pets, trees and vegetables. We're not finished until both you and us are happy with noticeable results.

  • Canvas
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plaster
  • Stuco
  • Wood
  • Rocks & Stone
  • Algae & Bacteria
  • Animals and Insects,
  • Fungus
  • Mmildew
  • Mold

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Guest Arrivals & Departures

Communicate with & arrange meetings with arriving guests

We help your guests have a great farewell and shape up your place for your next guest.

Schedule & check out departing guests

Clean, Inspect & Prepare for next guests

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We don't do it. You do it—or hire us to do it later. All we do is survey and assess your situation. Then we prepare and provide formal recommendations. From that point forward, you go it alone or we can help you strategizing and planning your path forward.

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House & Property Services

Interior/Exterior Cleaning including High Pressure Washing

Maintenance, Repairs

Four-wheel Drive Delivery, Pick-up & Transportation

House & Property Inspections

Key & Lock Management

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Rest of the Trip

This may be our biggest value! We are going to connect your guests to the high quality service providers.

Yoga Classes and Private Lessons

  1. Ashley the Expert
  2. breathing
  3. Handstands
  4. Beginners

Surfing Classses, Lessons & Guided Tours

  1. Class with Professor Tony the Expert
  2. Captain's Choice Dawn Patrol
  3. Captain's Choice Local Surf Session
  4. Captain's Choice Surf Tour
  5. Playa Guiones Lesson
  6. Playa Ostional Lesson
  7. Playa Pelada Lesson for Beginners
  8. Garza Offshore Session (expect a long paddle)

Guides & Tours

  1. River Kayak & Paddle Board Tours
  2. Guided Bird Watching Tours
  3. Fiesta Tour
  4. Rainy Season Waterfall Tours


Without a four-wheel drive vehicle or local knowledge about the roads it can be challenging to get around many places. Particularly if you've got a lot of stuff to carry with you! Sometimes the tuk-tuks and taxis dont have the strength you need. With two serious 4WDs on our team, we can usually get to the most challenging locations

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